Plan now for the Trip of a Lifetime

Plan for the trip of a lifetime

While of course it is important to plan for the rainy day, why not plan for sunnier days also!

Why not plan for that trip of a lifetime that you have always aspired towards but never seem to be able to get? Start the New Year off in January by deciding in 5 Years time that you are going to go on the most incredible journey that you can imagine. By committing to a savings plan, you can give yourself this chance. Imagine putting away €50 a Week for the next five Years. This will give you a nest egg of €13,447 assuming a 4.1% growth rate in 5 Years time. Enough for you to experience the delights of wherever you may wish to travel.

Getting in to the habit of saving is surprisingly easy once you start and you would be surprised at how fast the time goes and how quickly the money accumulates….while all the time getting closer to the time when you can enjoy the fruits of your labour!

While we all have needs for day-to-day and can always find places to spend our money, by investing wisely over the medium time-frame you can give yourself that opportunity to splash out on that dream holiday, that car or whatever it is you aspire to. It is a habit a lot of us got out of over the past few Years and with deposit rates at 0% and looking like staying so for the immediate future, there is little chance of building up a fund by simply putting money in the Bank. For the Year ahead, explore other ideas and discuss with a financial advisor on ways that you can put your money to good use. Of course if you give me a call, together we can put a plan in place to help you achieve that goal.

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