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Pensions & Retirement Planning

With most people living a lot longer these days than before, a good pension plan is necessary for everybody. We want to make retirement as enjoyable for you as possible. That dream we all have of foreign holidays, golfing, fishing etc can easily become a reality with a little forward planning. It’s never too early to start saving for your retirement and not only is a pension tax efficient, here at Vincent Casey Life and Pensions we can find the perfect plan to make your money work for you. We will help you to design the pension that you want at a cost you can afford, without any of the jargon!

Over the past couple of years the pensions industry has taken a lot of criticism and many people have stopped paying into pensions which is something we believe to be high risk and short sighted. If you believe that you can afford to live on €253.30* per week from age 68 then you don’t have to read on, but let’s face it most of us could not!

*Figures from Department of Social Protection as at 10th March, 2022.

Pensions are still the most tax efficient method of saving. For a high rate tax payer for every €100 per month he/she puts into a pension he/she gets €40 back from the tax man. Even if the fund didn’t grow at all this represents a 40% return.

We have also found that many people have paid into pension plans and forgotten about them. We can help you source these and have found that some people have been pleasantly surprised by the performance of some of these funds. If you are one of these call us on (064) 6636410 / (087) 2461599 and we can help you to get the information you require.

Pre & Post Retirement

If you are close to retirement or looking to draw down retirement benefits it is important to find out the options open to you. Up until 1999 the only option open to people was to take a tax free lump sum and purchase a life time income with an insurance company. The finance act of 1999 changed this and has been updated since and in some instances people have the option of choosing where their money is invested and how much they wish to take. We have the experience and expertise to advise you on your requirements.

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